The XtremeCARE Connection

XtremeCARE Australia is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Service who provide NDIS client management services, such as Plan Management and Support Coordination services. We are a culturally appropriate service and specialise in connecting Indigenous people and communities to services and products, through our partnerships with suppliers and providers.

We currently deliver NDIS services in Queensand, New South Wales, Victoria and ACT.


XtremeCARE providing
the following services

  • Support Coordination
  • Plan Management
  • NDIS Training and Development
  • Capacity Building
  • NDIS Consultancy
  • Community Engagement
  • Product Distribution
  • Advocacy


We assist clients with the implementation of their approved NDIS Plan. Connecting them to professional services and suppliers.



We manage client NDIS packages, by monitoring Support Area budgets identified in clients NDIS Plans and processing payments.



We assist communities and their organisations in capacity building, through training and development. We provide training to NDIS partcipants, who identify training in Self Management.



Xtremecare provides a professional consultancy service to assist community organizations in understanding the NDIS business model, to allow them to build capacity and capabilities within their community. 



We deliver programs which will provide valuable information and advice to community organisations and their members, whilst building meaningful lasting relationships of trust and confidentiality.



We provide clients with quotes for equipment and products by sourcing out the best prices from suppliers for equipment and other products.



We provide support and assistance to Individuals, Families and Communities making sure that their rights have been respected.




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