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Aboriginal and torres strait islander disability service

Xtremecare Australia (XCA) is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Service. We are a culturally appropriate service, that provides assistance and support to all those living with or caring for loved ones with a disability. We specialise in the areas of;

- Indigenous Australians (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders)

- Rural and Remote Locations

- High Complex Needs (Physical)




If you have a disability, whether it's through birth, illness or accident, you have it for life. You depend on services and resources to support you to achieve your goals and dreams.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides financial support for people living with a disability. The scheme is about tailoring an NDIS Plan that caters to each individual's needs and goals. Under the previous Commonwealth funding model, community organisations received disability support funding from the government and decided how it would be used. Now with the NDIS reform, funding is allocated to individuals who have more choice and control of how their funding is spent.

Xtremecare Australia (XCA) has experienced Support Coordinators employed in rural and remote locations, to ensure culturally appropriate services are provided. Our aim is to ensure that each client is aware of the NDIS Charter of Rights and control in the decision making processes related to their NDIS Plan. Through our Support Coordination and Plan Management Services, our clients will receive one on one support to put their approved plan into action.

Xtremecare Australia, is about Empowerment & Ability, ensuring that people living with disabilities, their families and their communities are well equipped and serviced to live a better life.


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We have experienced staff that can assist with all your enquiries. Please call 07 5514 6500 or email admin@xtremecare.com.au. We would like to hear from you, your families and your community.